Colleges of Law

EU-SHARE Exchange Program in Indonesia

By: Ms. Ouk Sivkheng, UC Student, College of Law

My name is Ouk Sivkheng, Studying abroad was one of my dreams, and I didn’t want to be one of those people who was too shy to go for their goals. When I arrived in Indonesia on the first day, everyone made me feel so welcome. Many students from different countries introduced themselves and were so kind and generous. They shared their national identity, including culture, language, and cuisine. Moreover, whilst I was living in Indonesia, honestly speaking, eating their food was quite difficult for me as the taste was so strange, but I tried it.

I spent 5 months away during my mobility period and I knew that I had to be more self-confident. I knew how to discuss as a group with people from different countries and various cultures. Even though we only spent one semester together, we got along

well and cemented our ties together. My one semester in Indonesia was a very special event in my life and helpful in defining my goals to move to the next stage in my life. It was not a bitter time in my life but I always studied all night over countless nights, and I was always tired from studying, but I tried to overcome that and I came to Indonesia to represent Cambodia. If other students slept, I had to run. Furthermore, my time in the exchange program illustrated that no matter where I go, who I meet, or what I did, I had to bear in mind that I am strong enough to attain my dreams.

Finally, the EU-SHARE Program is a special program which offered me a chance to study abroad, and I am so glad because it was the best thing I have ever done in my life. In addition, I really appreciate the Bina Nusantara Universitas (Binus University) team; the students, professors, and office staff kindly supported me and warmly welcomed me during my mobility period. Their university was like my second home.