Colleges of Law

Studying at Nuniversity of Santo Tomas, Philippines

By: Mr.Sem Vireakboth, Student from the College of Law

I always dreamed of studying abroad to enable me to experience life in a foreign county, build a network of friends and classmates and compete academically. That opportunity came to me when I was accepted into The EU-SHARE Program and sent to study at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in the Republic of the Philippine.

My stay at UST was indeed a challenging one because I had to stand on my own against some of the best students at the University. I worked very hard during my 5 month-stay, read a lot and benefited from my professors and fellow students. It is indeed a unique opportunity for me to build my self confidence and to know that I can hold my own in a very competitive academic setting.

While in the Philippine, I learned a lot about the way Filipinos live, their music culture and cuisine. I was also able to be self-reliant, although being away from my family was initially difficult.

I can say the EU-SHARE programme was life changing and transformational for me. It made me a competitive individual. It is, therefore, an experience that I shall never forgot. For this, I shall always be grateful to the program sponsor and to my professors and friends at UST and at the University of Cambodia.