Colleges of Law

CoL students visit the Ministry of Civil Affairs

By: Dr. Hem Sras, Dean for the College of Law

On May 9th, 2017, the College of Law (CoL) conducted a study visit to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. This study tour was led by a CoL instructor and attended by a group of CoL students. The UC delegation attended the distinguished lecture entitled, “Administrative Check and Management of Civil Officials.” This seminar was chaired by Mr. Sar Marady, Director of the General Department of Legislation at the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The study visit was arranged under the course of “Public Function Law.” The purpose of this study visit was to encourage CoL students to further understand legal theories via the actual practice of civil servants at the ministry. During this study visit, CoL students learned a lot from the seminar regarding public function law such as how to prepare yourself to be a civil official, how to build the capacity of civil servants, how to become an effective civil official, and civil servants’ salary, remuneration, and other benefits. Above all, they learned more about the plan for policy reform of public administration 2015-2018 of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

In appreciation for the i nvitation to attend the distinguished lecture at the Ministry of Civil Affairs, UC representatives presented the speakers with UC souvenirs.