Colleges of Law

UC Distinguished Lecture Series on Introduction to the Malaysian Federal Constitution

By: Dr. Hem Sras, Dean for the College of Law

On 3 May 2017, the College of Law arranged a special lecture for its students on the topic, “Introduction to the Malaysian Federal Constitution” in the UC Conference Room at The University of Cambodia (UC). The purpose of the distinguished lecture was to introduce CoL students to other legal systems aside from Cambodia. The distinguished speaker for this lecture was Mr. Idzuafi Hadi Bin Kamilan, Research Officer to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Parliament of Malaysia. He was accompanied by a group of parliamentary researchers from other countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos.

During the presentation, the speaker stressed the importance and the role of constitutions, which are the groundwork for navigating the law, by indicating the roles and duties of various bodies under its vested authority. Mr. Kamilan showcased the principle of separation of powers and the role of the courts in protecting citizens’ constitutional rights under the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. The speaker underlined that the Malaysian court played a crucial role in interpreting and protecting constitutional rights of citizens.

After the presentation, a number of students asked the speaker several critical questions, in particular, the principle of constitutional interpretation under the Federal Constitution in comparison to the Cambodian system. The speaker, before answering, praised such critical questions, and he tried his best to answer their questions as well as he could.

Overall, the presentation and exchange of questions and discussion went smoothly, and the students learned new legal knowledge regarding another country’s legal system.

In the end, the Dean for CoL, representing UC, gave souvenirs to the distinguished speaker and group of parliamentary researchers for spending their precious time to transfer knowledge to students of the College of Law at The University of Cambodia.