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College of Law students Receive EU-Share Exchange Scholarship

By: Ms. Keo Munyrath and Ms. Boy Solina, Students in the College of Law

Applying for scholarships is one of the most challenging tasks for university students. It demands hard work, patience, brevity, and active effort as well as demanding creative ideas and informative sources. Students must pay full attention to it and spend their time to follow up on the programs.

Ms. Keo Munyrath and Ms. Boy Solina learned of the EU-SHARE Scholarship Program through the College of Law on Facebook and discussed the opportunity with friends. We then followed up on the EU-SHARE scholarship through its webpage in order to clarify the information and requirements.

The reason why both of us became interested in this exchange program was because the program would open up new and fruitful experiences for our lives. Our success in the program should be attributed to The University of Cambodia (UC) and the College of Law, both of which urged and helped us through the application process. Per our experience, there were three steps to the application process. First, we had to research the requirements of the EU-SHARE scholarship program, and make a list of documents we had to receive from our home university. Then, we fulfilled all these requirements in order to receive a Letter of Endorsement. We must thank Dr. Y. Ratana, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Hem Sras, Dean for the College of Law, and Mr. Mut Somoeun, former Director of Admissions, for assisting us through the whole application process.

Next was the process of fulfilling the requirements of our host university, the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines. We had to follow the requirements and courses of the host university. And if those were satisfied, then we would receive a Letter of Acceptance from the host university. Finally, when we received all the necessary documents, we submitted them online and officially applied for the scholarship program on the EU-SHARE website. After that, we had to wait for the final announcement of results.

In order to pass the EU-SHARE scholarship program, we would like to urge new applicants to be ready for the program deadline. Therefore, we would suggest that applicants check, follow up, and submit their applications by the deadline of the program. In applying for the EU-SHARE scholarship program, it is very competitive. Thus, we would recommend you to prepare by studying hard, getting a good GPA, and participating in student activities and organizations. If you can be successful in these endeavors, you will have a high chance of passing the EU-SHARE scholarship, and you will feel proud of yourself for your accomplishments.

Last but not least, on behalf of the students of The University of Cambodia, both of us hope more and more UC students will apply for the next batch of this exchange program! You can find information about applying for the next batch of EU-SHARE Scholarships by visiting the official website at: scholarship/.