Colleges of Law

Law and Economics Development

By: Mr. Khorn Sokheng, Assistant Dean for College of Law

From 19-20 January 2017, Mr. Khorn Sokheng, Assistant Dean for the College of Law, and five students from the College of Law attended a conference on “Law and Economics Development,” at the National University of Management in Phnom Penh. The workshop included speakers from Handong International Law School, National University of Management, and the Royal University of Law and Economics. Besides that, most of the participants came from other universities in Phnom Penh. The workshop was presided over by Dr. Seng Bunthoeun, Vice Rector at the National University of Management. In his welcoming remarks, he expressed his profound thanks and appreciation to the organizers, presenters, moderators, and participants, who joined the training workshop on “Law and Economics Development,” especially those involved in making this meaningful event happen. The workshop was divided into 2 days. The workshop lectures and discussions were as follows:

  • Day 1

Panel 1: Agricultural Law and Development
- Agricultural law and development;
- How law relates to agricultural development; and
- Agricultural development and law in Korea.
Panel 2: Best Practices for Drafting Laws and Regulations
- Drafting laws;
- Economic and social impact assessment in the process of drafting laws and regulations; and
- Simplifying and streamlining laws and regulations.

  • Day 2

Panel 3: Laws regarding Business and Business Crimes
- Business law practices and their challenges in Cambodia;
- Laws attracting business, and the investment laws of Cambodia; and
- Business crime in Cambodia.
Panel 4: The state of legal education in Cambodia, Korea, and America
- Legal education in Cambodia;
- Legal education in Korea;
- Legal education in America; and
- Possible improvements for legal education in Cambodia.

At the conclusion of the workshop, after professors, lecturers and experts shared case studies and presentations through seminars and discussions on the topics mentioned above, participants were much more informed. In the closing remarks, Dr. Hor Peng, Rector at the National University of Management, appreciated the contributions of the participants, and thanked the presenters and organizers of the workshop. Moreover, he noted that this was a fruitful workshop, and he hopes that the knowledge from this workshop will help develop Cambodian society.